ChrysalisQ - Take Heart Take Flight

is for you if:

You and your children are looking for a safe, supportive community in which you can find…

    • social activities with other lgbtq+ children/youth

    • support networks for lgbtq+ children/youth

    • support networks for parents & siblings of lgbtq+ children/youth

    • resources for working with school personnel

    • information about lgbtq+ issues

    • resources for fostering health in both mind & body

    • support & resources for transitioning & coming out

    • meeting space for lgbtq+ organizations & activities (public/private)

Dr. Mary Street Wilson
Dr. Mary Street WilsonDirector
ChrysalisQ is excited to introduce our new Director, Dr. Mary Street Wilson. Our initial effort to launch ChrysalisQ was stalled by the pandemic, but the pause gave us the opportunity to find the perfect fit for our community. Mary is one of Austin’s most dedicated LGBTQ+ and social justice pioneers and advocates. Additionally, Mary is a speaker, teacher, preacher, grandma, mom, and spouse. She loves St. Louis Cardinal baseball, Dr. Pepper, and her awesome grandchildren. As ChrysalisQ Director, she will be making connections throughout the Austin and Central Texas LGBTQ+ community and helping establish ChrysalisQ as a safe, supportive community for LGBTQ+ kids and their families to learn, grow, transition, and become.

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